Tuffy’s Place Feline Sanctuary Inc.   
PO Box 32 Afton, NY 13730
607-639-2340   914-374-4941-----Call me anytime...Dom
Dear friends & supporters of our mission; 

I will always remember what made me start Tuffys Place back in 1996 when I rescued a semi feral cat from a nursing home where I used to volunteer my time with the residents. She was living on the grounds of the home accepting handouts of food from people. After many attempts I was able to coax her into a carrier and my co director at that time, Susan (RIP) brought her home where she would get what she needed most, human companionship 24/7. She was a very happy cat to have the love that all cats need. She was with us over a year before being diagnosed with an incurable cancer that went to her brain. We did all we could for her. She had 2 surgeries to try and stop the cancer from spreading but it was too late.
Our cats at Tuffy’s are happy cats with all the food and warmth that they need, they also have central air conditioning for the summer season but the one thing they need most is the human companionship full time and we give them as much of that as we can.

I also want to thank all of you from my heart who are helping Tuffy's survive with our mission of love.